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What Is LOOP?

LOOP is a social media platform designed to bring Second Life fans, musicians (artists), and musical venues together. With LOOP, you can search for artists, venues, and current and future events; express interest in those events; share those events with others; follow your favorite artists and venues; and match artists and venues in our event creation and booking system.

What Can LOOP Do For ME...

LOOP can keep you in touch with fans, artists, and venues by helping you create, negotiate, book, and advertise events by email, social media, and in-game notifications. It does this by providing you with a user profile where you can share your bio, schedule of events, images in a slideshow, and your favorite artists & venues.

...As A Fan?

Fans can create a profile to share their experiences (bio and slideshow) and their favorite artists and venues. From your profile a you can search for artists, venues, and events using filters for: Second Life maturity rating, performance genre(s) (such as Rock, Rap, or Big Band), and date & time. You can follow artists and venues to recieve announcements for upcoming events and their latest news. Learn more about LOOP's features.

...As An Artist?

Artists can do all of the same things that fans can do and more! As an artist, you gain access to our event booking system allowing you to register for an event, negotiate the details of that event, and post that event on your profile and on other social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. You also benefit from additional profile features: you can post (or keep private) your performance prices; share your performance genre(s); share your Second Life maturity rating; share your preferred venue maturity rating(s); number of followers, and contract standards. They also gain a social media bar - a set of links that connect users to outside social media profiles such as: Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and SoundCloud. Learn more about LOOP's features.

...As A Venue?

Venues can do everything that fans and artists can do with one significant improvement - they are the only accounts that can create events. Fans can search for events and artists can register to perform at an event, but only venues can create them! Learn more about LOOP's features.


It costs nothing to create a profile. Fans never have any subscription fees. Artists also have no subscription fees, but they are required to offer at least a 5% discount to venues when they use the LOOP event booking system. Venues only have to pay (nominal) subscription fees if they wish to use the LOOP event creation system. However, these subscription fees are so low that, when combined with the discounts offered by LOOP artists, they can be recovered by venues that book 8 or more artists in a month. Learn more about our subscription fees and how they can be recovered.

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